Why Protolabs Favours Our Creative & Collaborative Approach to Product Design

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While many factors contribute to the success of product design projects, creativity and collaboration are undoubtedly two of the most important. That’s why our talented designers are committed to an innovative approach to developing products, supported by cutting-edge technology, as well as working closely with clients and specialist manufacturers.

Prototyping is a particularly exciting stage of product development: the idea becomes reality as visual renders are transformed into physical objects. The client holds the product in their hands for the first time; its look, feel and functionality are assessed and enhanced. We understand that time is of the essence when you’re taking an idea to market. Our strong links with the world’s fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes, Protolabs, means that testing products and implementing changes can be done in just hours or days, instead of weeks.

In a nutshell, our product design expertise coupled with Protolabs’ manufacturing capabilities is a winning combination and leads to fantastic results for clients.

Ensuring Product Designs Are Optimised for Manufacture

Thanks to the productive partnership between Nebulem and Protolabs, your product design project can be completed more quickly and efficiently, helping to ensure that you enjoy a competitive advantage. We can rely on Protolabs’ advanced digital manufacturing services (including 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding) when bringing visual renders to life. What’s more, Protolabs’ engineers can draw on our skills and expertise when looking for the best design solutions.

In fact, ensuring that product designs are optimised for manufacture is one of our major strengths. We perform tolerance analysis to check the viability of each design before it goes into production. We create features that are cost-effective to replicate. We supply CAD manufacturing data in a ‘production-ready’ format. As a result, your journey from concept generation to marketable product is as swift and smooth as possible.

Efficient Product Development Saves You Time and Money

The product design project we worked on for bioprocessing company Puridify is a great example of our creative, collaborative approach in action. Puridify had provided Protolabs with the initial design for a medical filtration unit. Protolabs’ engineers invited us to get on board, as they knew that we had the skills required to refine it. In consultation with Protolabs and Puridify, we made each component as efficient as it could be and ensured that the unit was optimised for manufacture via the client’s preferred method, injection moulding.

Our dynamic, responsive way of working allows us to create several versions of a design in a single day, considerably speeding up the product development cycle. That can be invaluable to clients, especially when the design in question is for a highly specialised product such as Puridify’s filtration unit. A complex, sophisticated product design needs to go through numerous iterations, with precise adjustments being made each time. We worked hard to optimise the filtration unit’s functionality (liquids must pass through its membrane at a specific rate), structure and appearance.

Thanks to our expert guidance and powerful quoting and analysis software, it’s easy for clients to evaluate the design of their products. Our annotated visual renders enable them to see clearly what changes are necessary or desirable, as well as weigh up the pros and cons of different design solutions, including the cost implications. Ultimately, clients are empowered to make better-informed decisions, saving them time, money and effort.

Fulfil Your Product’s Potential with Nebulem

For more insights into how our designers collaborate with Protolabs’ digital manufacturing team, and why this partnership leads to better outcomes for clients, why not check out our recent webinar with Protolabs, in which we discuss the Puridify project in detail?

Whether you come to us with a detailed design brief or just a vague idea, you can depend on Nebulem’s experts to provide the design solutions you need to fulfil your product’s potential.   

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