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If you want your product to build a name for itself in the market, you may want to consider product rendering. It is no longer necessary to have photographs professionally taken with a high-end camera in regulated lighting and tweaked with editing software since we now have something that is called product rendering.

You might perhaps inquire at this time, what exactly does “product rendering” mean? In layman’s terms, product design rendering is a process of creating photorealistic photographs of a single product for marketing and promotion by using various rendering techniques. These photos present the outcome from multiple perspectives, and they can be easily created from a 3D CAD model. No physical product is actually required.

Product rendering, which is generated by visualisation software and allows companies to present ideas long before those ideas are developed, may be used for various applications such as market research, product development, and sales.

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The term “product rendering” refers to “the automated process of creating a photorealistic or non-photorealistic picture from a 2D or 3D model using computer programs such as Keyshot. Using a 3D model for the process allows you to produce realistic photos of any product.

This is achieved by software using complex computations, that substantially streamline the process by using a cutting-edge graphics processing unit (GPU), which works in conjunction with the computer’s native CPU.

Rendering tools allow engineers to produce photorealistic renderings of products as they progress through the various stages of development. This helps engineers speed up the idea approval process, solve problems, and ship any product quicker.

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WHY CHOOSE Nebulem FOR YOUR Product Design Rendering?

First and foremost, we have 20 years of unmatchable experience compared to our competitors in photorealistic 3d product rendering. Experience brings many things, such as knowledge, deep relations, expertise in developing and manufacturing, in-depth research in rendering space, cutting-edge technologies, and many more. Our professional team at Nebulem, based in Somerset and Birmingham in the United Kingdom, collaborates with various customers and sectors to bring realistic product rendering to the market space.
We transform brilliant ideas into outstanding, dependable, and valuable products, from successful start-ups to pioneering experts to market-leading brands. Because we operate across several industries, we can integrate creative ideas and experiences from other areas to provide customers with solutions that exceed their expectations. Moreover, we do not just stop at product rendering services. If you want help in its manufacturing, we can help there too with the use of our sister company Nebulem Manufacturing.
This is the beauty of being an expert in product design. We like the challenge of designing products with the ability to change the lives of people. We build designs and products that will offer real growth for your company and successful products that bring joy to people who use them. Select one of the product development services from our catalog to see how our product design consultation in the UK may assist your organization.

We have created hundreds of unique designs and then manufactured them to see them as genuine products. Most of them are under legal terms, so we cannot share them here, but don’t be disappointed because we give a few examples here, such as Teleque, Northern Dairy Equipment, 1st call Lockouts, and many such products. We have already worked with various organisations such as Transport for London, Tata Steel, Allergy Therapeutics, and many more.


Benefits of Product Design Rendering Services

There are numerous benefits to product rendering. First of all, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you can develop the concept, 3D modelling and rendering services will be able to render it in 3D.  If you have a concept for a new product or design, you can visualise it to gain a better grasp of it and make real-time modifications. There are numerous other benefits to image rendering for each business, so let’s look at a few of them now.

Cost Saving

It helps businesses save money, especially those businesses that spend thousands of pounds to create a prototype and then hire well-skilled photographers for the product's photoshoot. But with the help of product design rendering, they can spend a small amount on rendering the product and market it to customers using a 3D rendered product design image.

Decreasing The Communication Gap Between Designers And Manufacturers

In most instances, the designer and the manufacturer operate their businesses in separate locations, sometimes even on different continents. Because of the distance between them, the design team and the manufacturing team may have a disagreement, which will ultimately harm the client and result in a loss for the client.

Customer Satisfaction

Using product rendering services instead of the traditional method will be very fruitful for your customers. For example, if you own a furniture shop, then being a product rendering company, we can provide 3d models of your furniture, which you show to your customers in their house using Augmented Reality (AR).

Faster Design & Development Phase

The product design development can be simplified and made more efficient with the help of product rendering. It gives us the ability to see what the product will look like right from the concept stage. It also offers clients the ability to view not just from various angles but in different colors or with different textures, allowing them to fully understand the concept before committing to the next project phase. This minimises potential problems further down the process.

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We’ve worked with a diverse range of international clients in a variety of industries. Machine tools, automobile parts, industrial process equipment, custom metal fabrication, aluminium railings, trays, and other items have all been a part of our work. The following are some of the major industries we serve:


An initial consultation and the notion that arises from it are the first steps in creating a rendering model. After that, there’s the analysis and design step, which lays the groundwork for 3D modelling. After that, the 3D scene is rendered, followed by any necessary refinement stages. The render is sent out for delivery when it has been approved. Rendering techniques may vary depending on the nature of the project, the programme being utilised, and the desired outcomes. Though we can divide the whole procedure into two phases, namely pre-rendering phase and the rendering phase.
Assembling a prototype product as part of product prototyping

1. Pre-rendering Phase

Analysis & Design

Integrating function into a product as part of product design and development services

2. Rendering Phase

Materials & Texture
Feedback & Refinement


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Our services cover the full spectrum of product design, taking you from your initial idea right through to delivering a product with a great chance of success. Checkout all the other services of Nebulem Product Design.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the volume of content available on digital devices people often only allow a short attention span with which to be inspired.

So, traditional advertising campaigns don’t work anymore. Because of your regular time constraints and the need to offer different digital experiences, your company needs content production methods that are fast and good for business. It’s getting harder to do studio shoots, so why not do them virtually and spare yourself the trouble of the process completely?

Just answer the questions below and send us the answers by email to get a quote quickly. We can also set up a call to discuss it with you and figure out the scope together.

  • Do you want to show off your products in an interior, abstract, or studio set?
  • What do you want, pictures or videos?
  • Do you want a virtual reality tour?
  • Do you want pictures, videos, and a VR tour of everything?
  • How many products do you want to show off?
  • How many pictures or videos?
  • How long will the video last?

We can create home appliances, beauty products, accessories, and any other product in a 3D virtual space, no matter what industry you are in.

  • Your product’s 3D model file
  • We can also help you model your product if you don’t have a model.

Unlike making campaign visuals in a real space, 3D software lets you do the following with virtual spaces:

  • Change your images up until the day before you launch.
  • No set goes to waste
  • There are no physical limits to making a campaign. It saves money and time for many industries.
  • Make any kind of visual ad for your product. Images, Videos, and VR Experience in virtual studio space