Teleque - Platform Transmitter

Wireless Railway Platform Announcement Transmitter

The Company.

Teleque Ltd is a specialist electronic hardware and embedded software company that develops a range of pro-audio equipment. They manufacture and supply products within the railway industry and have become the standard for wireless platform announcement systems in the UK.

The Product.

The Wireless Railway Platform Announcement System is an established industry product among the UK Train Operating Companies. It allows railway station staff to make audio announcements over the station’s PA system from any location using the wireless transmitter.

When initially developing the product Teleque came to Nebulem to help them design the injection moulded plastic parts that formed the transmitter and dock for the charger. In particular, at Nebulem we used our skill to develop over-moulded, injection moulded parts that were designed for manufacture.

The Problem.

With the Covid-19 pandemic tragically effecting all of us across the world, life and business needed to adapt to function effectively with the disease still amongst us. Teleque realised that its existing transmitter design, where the operator held the device and spoke directly into it, was no longer suitable. The transmitter is used by its operator through their shift before being handed to the next operator for a following shift. A solution was required that minimised the operators physical contact with the transmitter.

Nebulem Teleque Side View

The Solution.

A key requirement was that the solution was it should be retro-fittable to product already in the market, offering a real solution for operators. This meant a new, injection moulded, rear cover that integrated Teleque’s newly designed PCB. This process always requires working together with clients, so the mechanical hardware and electronic hardware develop together and are fully integrated.

Key details for the upgraded design included the ability to attach a belt clip, allowing the operator to attach the transmitter to their clothing, removing the need to constantly hold it. Importantly, a connector for a microphone was incorporated, allowing the connection of a headset or lapel mic. This allows each operator to have their own, unique mic rather than sharing.

The Outcome.

The new solution has now been released into the market aiding operators with the new functionality where required. Additionally, with the way the upgrade was implemented, the transmitters can easily return to their original functionality, if required, simply by removing the clip and detaching the mic.

Project Details.






Product Design, Design for Manufacture, Prototyping, Design for Assembly