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A summary of skills used to develop market leading products

As a product design consultancy, here at Nebulem Product Design in the United Kingdom we use our experience to offer a wide selection of services. Below is a summary of our capabilities in industrial design and development. Please browse to see how we can work with you to deliver a successful product.

About us

Who we are

Nebulem has over 20 years’ experience as a product design consultancy, including designing and manufacturing.

Based in Somerset and Birmingham in the United Kingdom, our talented team works with a wide range of clients across a broad range of industries to bring product design ideas to life.

From thriving start-ups, through pioneering specialists, to market-leading brands, we develop good ideas into great, reliable, functional products.

How we work as a product design consultancy

When it comes to journey of designing a product, we guide our clients through the entire project process. That means from the inception of an idea to the delivery of a physical, market-ready product via our sister company Nebulem Manufacturing.

Because we work across a range of industries we’re able to apply innovative ideas and experiences from different sectors to deliver better solutions than our clients have imagined. That's the beauty of being product design specialists. We love the challenge of creating products that have the power to transform lives, products that will deliver real growth for your business, and successful products that bring delight to those using them.

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Product design portfolio.

as a product design consultancy, we're delighted to have designed a great selection of successful products. You can view some of the best ones to date in our portfolio of product development.

At Nebulem we are very proud of the successful products we have developed with our clients. Obviously, some projects will always be confidential but for those we can show, please peruse through our case studies to gain an understanding of how our innovation allows class leading products.

Clients in product design.

As an industrial design consultancy, we've worked with some Awesome clients. Take a look at some of the brands we're proud to have collaborated with.

Latest Product Design News.

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We like to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of product design and development in the United Kingdom. And we love talking about it too. So why not have a meander though some of the latest content available below? You'll find interesting news on successful products, information on technology and processes in product design, consumer interests and of course Nebulem Product Design. Enjoy leafing through our news articles.