Why is CAD better than drawing by hand?

Why is CAD better than drawing by hand?

Computer Aided Design, or CAD, is better than drawing by hand, or drafting, because it’s much more efficient as a process, productive and thus successful.

Drawing by hand needs a very high level of patience, skill and accuracy. For example, you would need stencils among other tools to quite literally put pen to paper. Every object needs to be drawn or drafted at the right size. This means it could take weeks to hand draft a part because the mistakes or amendments would take even longer.

But with CAD, an engineer can produce the drawing, and then make edits in a much quicker time frame than drafting it, and have as many copies as they need.

3 reasons why CAD is better than drawing by hand

1. CAD can create 3D models

Creating a 3D image manually is tricky and can be highly time consuming as a process. CAD has the functionality to create a 3D version effortlessly and in a very time efficient manner.

2. CAD designs allow quick modification

If you’re using CAD software, it means you have the freedom and functionality to be able to edit, delete, undo and so on at the simple click of a button. That’s much faster than having to physically re-draw it.

Not only that, when you’re using CAD to make changes and edits on a file that you save and store means you’re not at risk of losing any of those modifications. That means reduced time and cost compared to manually drafting.

3. CAD fits well with CAM and CAE packages

Manual drawing, or drafting, doesn’t integrate with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) or CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) systems. So, even if you did the designs by hand, they would have to be reproduced CAD files regardless. Instead, just use CAD and cut down on time-wasting.