Who invented 3D printing?

Who invented 3D printing?

3D printing has come so far, now we’re into the 21st century this manufacturing process is really hitting its stride. You can contact a product design consultancy in the UK if you require prototyping services as part of your product design. Let’s take a look at who invented 3D printing.


Hideo Kodama filed the first patent for 3D printing, under the name rapid prototyping. 


Charles Hull had his patent application filed and accepted, becoming the inventor of stereolithography (SLA), a type of 3D printing that uses a UV laser beam to create a solid part within a tank photopolymer liquid.


3D Systems (founded by Hull) made the first SLA, or sterelithographic apparatus. Then, a start up company called DTM created SLS, or selective laser sintering machine. Intead of using a tank of liquid like SLA, SLS uses a tank of powder.

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