How to patent an idea in the UK

How to patent an idea in the UK

To apply to patent an idea, you have to apply to the Patent Office, otherwise know as the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO). You should check with an advisor that a patent is right for your company. Then, follow the steps below for the process.

Steps to patent an idea in the UK

  1. Look for other patents to confirm your product invention is new
  2. Fill out your patent application 
  3. Process your request either online or by post
  4. Ask for a search from IPO, which can take 6 months
  5. Get your report sent to you from the IPO
  6. Your report gets published, 18 months after
  7. Request ‘substantive examination’ after a further 6 months
  8. Reply to any comments from IPO’s examination, which can take a few years
  9. Your patent application will then be accepted or rejected

If you work with an official patent advisor, they will guide you through the entire process.

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