Explain how 3D CAD models can be used in the design process

Explain how 3D CAD models can be used in the design process

Using 3D CAD models helps the product design process in multiple ways. The big plus is that it saves not only time but also costs.

Benefits of using 3D CAD models in the process

Increased productivity
Not only can you visualise a design with great ease, but you can use your software to modify, analyze and share at different stages in the process. Using this type of software means better products get developed in less time and with less cost.

No more manually creating product documentation
Using CAD software makes life easy for designers, instead of having to manually create all the necessary documents for your product(s) many become a semi-autonomous process.

Easy to integrate with different tools
Designers can use CAD effectively alongside lots of other tools during the product design and development process. Equally though, it works just as well as a solo tool.

Effective for multiple users
If there is more than one designer collaborating, 3D CAD software is designed for effective use in this sense. So, people can get to work, make changes on a cloud-based software and it’s all up to date.

Easy to demonstrate the data
3D CAD software means designers can demonstrate and present the data with ease whenever they need to, be it the rest of the team or if they need to pitch the idea to get funding.

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