ESL Demonstrate Their EMap™ IoT Gateway at Embedded World

Nebulem ESL Emap Enclosure

It is great to see when our clients demonstrate their products to the world. ESL have been developing their IoT platform that allows businesses to implement the services into their own infrastructure. 

When ESL developed their Emap™ IoT Gateway they approached Nebulem to develop a custom design for the enclosure housing. Incorporating their unique PCB we developed a design that acts as the user’s physical interface with the system. This means not only do the aesthetics have to be suitable for the markets needs but usability is vital. Buttons are easy to operate in conjunction with the screen commands, robust connector mountings and efficient operation of the NFC pad all converge to create an intuitive product.

As such, Nebulem are pleased to show ESL demonstrating their EMap™ solution at the Embedded World conference.