Sketching ideas on paper as part of concept generation

Concept generation is an exciting part of the design process. Here, we apply our skill, creativity and expertise to generate an innovative solution that matches your design brief and creates a wow factor for the end user. During this stage, we brainstorm ideas, through a mixture of sketches, illustrations, models and photo-realistic visual renderings, to generate concepts that combine your ideas with the end users’ needs. 

This stage of the process gives us the opportunity to discuss the product with you in greater depth, so we can improve and enhance its functionality. Throughout the process, we keep one eye firmly on manufacturing practicalities to ensure that the product is fully manufacturable and cost-effective to produce, without compromising on quality.

We give your idea a sense of life and purpose, presenting the concepts in a variety of formats so you can approach potential investors with the necessary material to drive your project forwards.

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