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Nebulem Conversion to 3D CAD

3D modelling has a number of benefits when it comes to product design, not least that it’s totally unambiguous, unlike 2D design where there are inevitably some areas that remain unclear. 2D to 3D conversion of designs has immense uses, however, not everybody has access to 3D software, nor perhaps the training to model some of the advanced features that can be required.  We have the skills and expertise to convert your 2D images, from 2D CAD to paper sketches, into fully detailed, production-ready 3D CAD format that’s compatible with most modern manufacturing techniques.

A 3D model will highlight any areas of the product that may not work properly so the issue can be resolved before you move to the production stage, and will enable the creation of prototypes3D modelling will also eliminate any concerns about the storage of paper-based drawings, which can degrade over time, take up considerable space and are at severe risk in the event of fire. We can help with 3D creation at any stage of the design process.

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