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Nebulem is a design and development consultancy that specialises in designing, manufacturing, and creating market-ready products. Our experienced team of professionals can help you find the right approach for your product so that they reach the market in the best possible way.

About US

With over 10 years of experience as a product design consultancy in the UK, Nebulem has a huge base of satisfied clients. Our team is based in Somerset and Birmingham in the United Kingdom. From designing to manufacturing, at Nebulem, our talented team strives to deliver an end result that is beyond the expectations of our clients. We use the latest technology, apply innovative solutions and use our experience from diverse sectors to create successful products for businesses.


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Product Designs


Here is a list of the product design services that we offer to create world-class products

Being a well-respected product development company in UK, at Nebulem we ensure that we cover all the important services so that we can take care of all the end-to-end demands of our clients. If you are looking for any particular service related to product design please go through the following list and schedule a call with us. Our team will be happy to guide you and help you create your dream product!

Product Design

As an industrial design consultancy UK, we design products that help businesses grow and stand out. We do an in-depth analysis of the requirements of the project. Then we design and develop products that will act as a game changer. Our team can develop products that solve specific needs and desires of your business, ensuring that you reach the market and your sales goals quickly!

Concept Generation

Before developing a product design in UK, creating the right ideation becomes extremely important. It sets the foundation of the design process. And to get the best possible outcome, our team brainstorms ideas by applying relevant skills, creativity, and experience to present innovative solutions. We ensure that the end result aligns with the goals of the project.

Visual Renders

We employ rendering software to create photorealistic representations of products not just for product development but also marketing and advertising. 3D photo realistic product rendering is an effective method to showcase your product before it is developed. You can use it to build brand awareness among your customers and target audience.

Prototyping Service

Prototyping is done to bring a design into reality. It could be a primitive mock-up to prove a concept works or it could be a high-quality, production representative, functional product of a design you intend to put on the market. We make and test rapid prototypes, through methods such as 3D Printing, to check the design’s aesthetics, ergonomics, dimensions and functionality.

Integration of Electronics

We also offer new product design services related to the integration of electronics. At our product design agency, our specialists work together to integrate electronic features seamlessly with the mechanical design. We design and develop products in a way that the mechanical and electronic sides enhance each other and the end product.

Design for Manufacture

Having an innovative idea and design is not enough to create a good product. At Nebulem, our team understands all the requirements needed for a smooth and robust manufacturing system. And because of this, we ensure that the manufacturing gets completed in time and in the budget of the client.

Design for Assembly

Post manufacture of components, the most important part is effectively assembling the product. Our team consider the product assembly from the design stage and adapt accordingly to work with the capabilities of the supply chain. This includes evaluating individual parts to maximise their design as part of the assembly process, not just the product function.

2D to 3D Conversion

3D models enable the creation of complex shapes and forms while preserving the ability to still manufacture them using traditional and additive processes. Modern 3D modelling from Nebulem offers design depth that 2D designs cannot, in addition it allows a direct path to visual renders and prototyping.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering provides the ability to recreate the design of a component that no longer exists. Perhaps drawings have been lost or the original manufacturer no longer exists, traditional measurement techniques and 3D scanning allow components to be reconstructed as a 3D CAD model.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Team

We are a team of highly skilled and qualified individuals. We assess and evaluate each potential project to recommend the best route forward, achieving the greatest outcome for our clients.

Design Innovative Products

All our products are designed through an application of creativity and research. Our team apply innovative ideas that create a success in the market.

We Cover All Services

We offer end-to-end services from creating an idea to building a product. You can get your entire product developed in a single place.

Cost-competitive Products

Our value product designers UK will analyse existing products for design enhancements and more efficient manufacturing processes, resulting in significant cost savings through product development.

Robust Manufacturing

Our large manufacturing eco-system at our industrial design consultancy complements our excellent engineering and design capabilities to give high-quality results.

Sound Market Knowledge

Our comprehensive product development skills enable us to help our customers extend their market presence and meet fast-expanding product demand.


Product Design Portfolio

At Nebulem, we have successfully completed several products and we are proud to showcase them to you. Some of the products can’t be displayed because of confidentiality issues, but the rest of them are here for you to have a look! Feel free to go through them and get a better understanding of how our innovative solutions help in developing high-end products!


What our client's to say

United Kingdom
We were extremely impressed by the innovative way Nebulem resolved an undercut injection molding problem for us in addition to creating a great looking piece. We highly recommend Nebulem and most certainly will be using their services for years to come.
United Kingdom
Nebulem are our trusted and long-term partners. We've worked together on a range of projects and, in that time, they've become an integral part of our team. Not only do we have confidence in their diverse design skills but, most importantly, they are excellent problem solvers. It's easy to discuss ideas and problems, and when changes have been agreed they are implemented immediately. Their expertise in design and manufacture makes them our first port of call for any project.
United kingdom
We gave Nebulem a design brief and a specification to work with and they returned with various concepts for the enclosure. We picked our favourite and Nebulem developed the design from there. We were completely new to CNC machining and relied on their guidance. Within two weeks we had finalised a prototype design. I have to say, their professionalism was very impressive.